I know nothing about NetBSD. Like, I’ve heard the name several times, but literally no one goes for it. OpenBSD is far more popular and it’s way unpopular compared to Linux. All I remember is this thing runs on toasters.

Picture of toaster with a display with NetBSD.

No, seriously.

So, I have no expectations, other than completely deadbeat drivers. Truly, an unbiased review for once.


It’s actually nice. I was pleasantly surprised. It reminded me of the FreeBSD installer, but FreeBSD is a lot more functional. No Wi-Fi support, but, I don’t blame it that much.


Through some wpa_supplicant magic, I was able to get 5GHz Wi-Fi to work out of the box.

Can you read that? 5 GHz. Actually 5 GHz. I couldn’t even get that on FreeBSD and that supposedly has better drivers. What is happening in the land of NetBSD?

does it work?

This… no.

It can’t start its init system (error 22). Went so far but did so little. I can’t even find anything on Google for this, so I’ll try it on a virtual machine instead.

virtual netbsd

NetBSD installer.

Once again, I am on Parallels. FreeBSD preset.

NetBSD/XFCE desktop.

The desktop works exactly the same as in OpenBSD.

the challenge

NetBSD desktop with an attempt at startin the Minecraft server ending with output 'cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'

Yeah that’s not gonna work out.


Surprising, yet disappointing. Again, I did not expect a lot, this is a distro for toasters afterall. OpenBSD is a better bet if you really want to be out of the computing loop, but maybe… use Linux? Throwing a suggestion.