I only installed Solaris in a virtual machine. All I know is it’s sort of like OpenBSD but with Oracle’s whole charade. Considering this is a distribution for real enterprise boys and girls, I wonder if it will even bother to install on hardware this old. It could very well output “unsupported CPU” like ESXi.

In fact. It was more embarrassing than that. It threw me into system maintenance mode. This meant that it was royally screwed up. And I have to use a VM again. I’m genuinely tired of some of these OSes working so bad. I genuinely can’t even run them on 10+ y/o hardware.

Solaris TTY installer with a really terrible Times New Roman-like monospaced font.

It is genuinely revolting to look at.

SPEED: 302k/s

Repositories on fleek.

the challenge

Nothing is in the repositories. I found but that requires actual payment to use. Hell no.

gcc failure with some C errors

nginx doesn’t compile

Safari window with a heading reading 'whoa'

Screenshot of the running Python3 module http.server

Yeah, I cheated.

make output from compiling ioq3

Compiling ioq3.

gcc error saying 'Architecture not supported'

Yeah I’m done here.


Terminal showing Solaris neofetch output

Well. It doesn’t even have a 64-bit version.

Why would you ever build your business on this? You must be absolutely braindead!

This is the worst UNIX, full stop. A whole bunch of proprietary crap, mixed with no software, whatever is in the repositories is totally outdated and it’s made solely for an architecture that absolutely sucks.

Install RHEL. Seriously. Even FreeBSD is better than this. Hell, even Oracle provides Oracle Linux. A way better solution than whatever the hell this is supposed to be. It’s clear that not even Oracle cares about Solaris, as the latest version of Java available on here is 8. EIGHT! That is woefully outdated, and it’s first-party.

Don’t bloody bother.