Zorin OS


I’m seriously doing this. Jesus Christ.

I was literally the most vocal hater of Zorin at one point. However truth be told, I never even installed it. Maybe once in VBox or something, only to point and laugh at it. But never gave it a good look. Many reasons why. But, whatever. It’s worse Ubuntu, let’s go through it fast and continue.

it’s paid (sorta)

This is the first thing that immediately pops up. Now, we’ve seen Red Hat and know what it did. But Zorin? I don’t understand. It’s selling some themes and pre-installed apps. “Professional grade”? You mean GIMP?

A green bell pepper.

It actually came with GIMP, so I’m guessing the “professional grade” is Virtualbox.

However, there are two free editions. The Core one intended for “basic use on modern computers” and Lite “basic use on low-spec PCs”. Now, the Core 2 Duo is ancient. But whatever mod of GNOME they’re running shouldn’t be too hard on 6GB of RAM and an SSD, so, Core it is.

The ISO is 2.7 gigs. I’m not gonna say much about that. You do your own math.

it’s ubuntu

As in the Ubuntu review, I still had the broken mirror (yeah, it’s not even Linux Mint level lazy, they’re not hosting mirrors). And when I say it’s only Ubuntu, it’s even worse. It’s X11-only. Yeah, they made GNOME worse somehow. In fact, I even have screen tearing. Now that’s a good distro.

the challenge

Well… Darling’s installation method is a list of commands for compiling it.

It’s the entire source tree of Darwin.

The C2D will not see the light of idle usage for a loooooong time. I guess better warm it up before the big shows later on. Whatever, I have time. However, this doesn’t say much about Zorin. Again, it’s Ubuntu. I could’ve done everything the same on Ubuntu. In fact, I’d prefer that instead.

Terminal output showing make output while compiling Darling

Compilers are cool!

Python error showing 'HTTP Error 500'

Can’t install Xcode CLI tools, as the server returns HTTP 500.

Terminal output showing 'unable to execute git because it requires a newer version of macOS'

Apple’s versioning system makes no sense.

MacPorts output showing 'sync server failed'

Neither MacPorts or Homebrew runs.

Zorin desktop with Darling's neofetch output, but exiting prematurely and has bad output.

It doesn’t feel so good.


Zorin desktop with neofetch output.

I don’t hate it. But I also don’t care for its existence. There’s nothing good for it. It’s literally Ubuntu with a custom theme picker. There are better distros out there for sure.