Ubuntu Linux/GNU review

Kernel Linux
Init system systemd
Releases LTS, stable, rolling unstable
Userland GNU
Package management apt
libc glibc

Ubuntu is probably the most easily-working distro there is, because it works. You pop it in and it works. It combines everything you need - drivers and software so you don’t have to spend an hour installing software.


Ubuntu is the most developed-for platform, because many cross-platform devs do not care about other distros, as Ubuntu is the most popular. This means that not only will you get all Linux’s software, you’ll also get packaged debs, this means all you’ll have to do is double click and the software is installed.

apt, like in Debian, is still bad, although Ubuntu does look like they’re putting in an effort to make it better. By making snappy. The amount of GUI updater/software management tools got annoying for me though.


A meme that jokes about the Ubuntu installation process compared to Arch.


Advanced use

It’s Linux, you can do whatever you want.

On my machine though it kept throttling my CPU to nothing, this wasn’t a problem on any other distros. I also had to reboot my machine to get the speed back. Wtf?

Simple use

This is one of those rare distros that your grandpa could maybe use. With enough training and annoying calls at 2AM on why his “photo collection” isn’t working, it’ll be fine.

Where is Ubuntu used?

Desktops for minimalist people who want a working distro

Servers for sysadmins that cannot bother spending more of their useless time to set up a distro.


Pro Superb driver and software collection
Pro Many debs and PPAs
Pro Your grandpa can use it
Pro Extremely easy to install
Mixed Bloated. Personally it’s not that bad
Con Default comes with GNOME, ew
Con Suffers from everything that Linux suffers from
Con One of the first adopters of systemd.

It’s a pretty good OS, but it’s not for me.

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